The Summer!

So we’ve played our last show of the summer, and the summer isn’t here yet.
We are going into full rewrite and studio mode, and will have some amazing music for everyone by the end of the summer. Don’t worry though we’ll still be around, So don’t be shy.
Catch Ya on the flip side!


It’s been to long !!!!

So, here we are almost at the end of 2013 and its been to long since we posted. Well we have exciting news for everyone, we’re releasing a new single on 11-12-13 and its called BomB, we’ve had amazing response from reviewers and radio stations, also we’ll be releasing a 3 song EP called “All the kids are doing it”  that will be available soon after, most likely by the end of Nov. I promise all our updates will be posted here, we’re going to make an effort to post on our site 🙂
Love you all

BIG NEWS !!!!!!

Hello friends, family and fans 🙂 As some of you may know we’ve been in talks with A2 Records and we’ve now done a in depth interview with them !!! Every like , view and share helps us reach our goal and dreams to work with a great company and label !! Here is the link to the interview , please share , like , tweet or whatever you can do to help spread the word , we will most grateful and it will bring us closer to you when we finally start to tour !!!

Great upcoming summer ahead !

Well summer is a couple days away and we’re starting it off with a bang at The Make Music Vancouver Festival in Gastown on June 21st ( which also happens to be our very own Tricia McAloney’s BDay ! ) with a free set at 7:45 pm ,the map below shows all the lots , We’re on lot 14 !!! ! We will also be filming a very important Interview within the next week and will need all our friends , fans and family to check out and support as it is going to be crucial when talks resume with a certain label !!! After this show we will be playing the B EX in Burnaby July 12th then ripping up the Displace Hatchery Aug.8th before heading to Washington state to play The BirchBay Music Festival on Aug.10 !!! This summer is going to be huge for us and we truly hope you all stay with us as we have now finished rebuilding our line up and we’re ready to rip up a stage near you and hopefully start recording our new material as we have over a full album ready to go !!!!! Much Love and Catch Ya On Tha Flipside !!!!


Fantastic Week !!!

Well, what a week it’s been ! We started it off last Saturday at Joes Apartment with our good friends Kicked off the farm and Gemini Side. Then we had a bit of down time before we shared the stage with an amazing band called The Grizzled Mighty at The Railway Club last night. We’ve got some great stuff coming up, so stay tuned and just to let you know we’ll be making our American Debut at The Birch Bay Festival on August 11th !
Catch ya on the flip side

Well, our sites finished and this is our first Blog to all of our fans ! 2012 was a great year for Cupla and 2013 looks even better, and we couldn’t have done it without you the fans. And make sure to follow us on twitter at @cupla1 and check back here regularly, and be sure to go to our sign-up page.

Catch ya on the flip side